ADL standard

Product features

+ Effortless drinking within reach
+ Universal cup holder
+ Foldable
+ Mobile or on a wheelchair
+ Including straw holder

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Small objects within reach again

A sip of cold water to cool yourself down or quench your thirst – it’s great if this is always possible because the glass is close by. The ADL stand offers the possibility of easily being able to drink at any time without using one’s hands. It’s also possible to take the ADL with you wherever you go and use it in different places.
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Who is it for?

Need help drinking or smoking?

The ADL stand is a device for persons with little or no hand function. Using the stand, it is possible to place drinks and smoking materials very close by, so that they are always within reach. The ADL stand can be fitted with a drink cup holder and/or a smoking stand.


The ADL stand replaces the hand function

The function of the ADL stand depends on the accessories that are attached to it. The drinking cup holder is often chosen in order to be able to drink easily and effectively. When a smoking stand is chosen, you can smoke without using your hands and the ash falls into the collection tray that is also attached to the ADL.

Daily activity

A coffee cup, mug of tea or a drinking cup: you choose

The ADL helps with increasing your drinking options. Because almost all glasses, cups or mugs fit into the ADL drinking cup holder, you are not restricted in your choice. The drinking cup holder also comes with a straw holder. This ensures that the straw does not spin around in the glass when you reach for it with your mouth. The straw holder also keeps the straw in one place and does not slide upwards when, for example, a carbonated drink is being consumed.


The possibilities of the ADL stand

The ADL stand can be attached to a table with various clamps and supports or mounted on most common wheelchairs and work chairs. It can also be attached to a table or to a separate mobile frame. The device is easy to clean and safe to use. You can push the ADL away when you don’t need it or move it from the mobile frame to the wheelchair when you are out and about. Together with you, we can look at the most desirable and workable situation.

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