Dynamic Arm Support Balancer

Product features

+ Counterbalanced from above
+ Soft & flexible arm material
+ Foldable
+ Very large freedom of movement
+ Can also be used for mild tremors


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The uncomplicated support

The Balancer is a simple looking arm support that carries the weight of your arm from above. This ensures that you have plenty of freedom of movement, particularly above a table or work surface. Because of its subtle appearance and easy folding, this arm support won’t attract attention when you don’t want it to. The Balancer can be used on one or two sides.
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Who is it for

Achieve what you want

Would you like more support for your forearm to move your arm up or down more smoothly? Then the Balancer may be a suitable arm support for you. The Balancer is often used to compensate for reduced muscle strength or paralysis. The Balancer gives you the freedom to move your arm wherever you want. It allows you to maximise your range for reaching and grasping. Some form of hand function is required. The Balancer can be used at home or at work, and can be mounted on an (electric) wheelchair, triple chair or mobile frame.


Beauty in simplicity

The weight of your forearm is carried by the Balancer via a cord. This construction ensures that movements from your shoulder and elbow are translated into movements of your forearm. The degree of counterbalancing is regulated by a spring mechanism in the Balancer, which can be easily adjusted by means of a rotary knob. The Balancer supports your arm movements in the vertical plane, so that moving in the horizontal plane requires less energy.

Daily activity

Available when you want it

The Balancer increases the freedom of movement of your arms and therefore also of your hands. This means that you can improve your self-sufficiency by reaching and grasping independently. Daily activities such as eating and drinking will require less energy. The Balancer increases your independence and freedom. If you don’t want to use the Balancer for a while, it can be folded away for you. This way, the Balancer is always there when you need it. Due to its subtle design, it won’t extend the width of your (electric) wheelchair or triple chair.


Discover the possibilities

The Balancer’s armrest is made up of different shapes and sizes of bandages, which provide support for the elbow and/or wrist. These bandages are made from medically approved neoprene, which provides soft and comfortable support. During a consultation, we look together at your specific needs and wishes, and we put together the Balancer based on these. We have a standard fitting available for various types of wheelchair backrests, otherwise we will customise the fitting.

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