Headrest Chest restraint

Product features

+ Complete support for head and torso
+ Solid and comfortable
+ Adjusted to individual needs
+ Easily folded away
+ Hygienic

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Improve your entire sitting posture

To achieve a good sitting position in the wheelchair, a Papillon headrest can be used, but sometimes it doesn’t provide sufficient support. In such cases, the Papillon Chest restraint can be used. The combination of a modular headrest and a chest restraint is an aid that is attached to your wheelchair. This promotes a good sitting posture.
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Who is it for?

Multiple functionality for young and old

We use the chest restraint for (young) children whose spasms or uncontrolled movements make it impossible for them to maintain a good sitting position in the wheelchair. A chest restraint also offers a solution for people with limited torso stability. Reduced muscle strength in the upper part of the body can cause you to slump down in the wheelchair or shift to the side of the backrest. The chest restraint prevents this movement and helps you to remain seated in your wheelchair.


Stability and support with freedom

The chest restraint stabilises not only the torso but also the head when the head rest is included as part of the whole. It is the combination of support for the head and guidance for the torso that ensures a comfortable and appropriate sitting position. A chest restraint can help provide more calmness when sitting in your wheelchair. Spastic or powerful stretching movements can be controlled without losing much freedom. In addition, a chest restraint can help support the upper body, which makes maintaining a good sitting position less energy-consuming.

Daily activity

Keep calm and conserve energy

The supported sitting position allows more focus on various activities such as eating and drinking and other pursuits. The support provided by the chest restraint allows you to have more energy to carry out daily activities. Getting in and out of the wheelchair is no problem. Our chest restraint can be folded away behind you or can be removed entirely, making it easy to return it to the correct position.


A personalised solution

The chest restraint is made of sturdy but comfortable material, encased in washable Lycra covers. This makes it hygienic, strong and comfortable. Dartex covers are also popular. These are also easy to clean. Both the chest supports and the head support are assembled and adjusted individually to suit your needs. The length and angle of the chest supports are determined individually and made to measure. A chest restraint can be fitted to any wheelchair. Together with you, we can look at the possibilities and find a suitable solution.

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