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Because we believe that you should try and experience our aids yourself to be able to assess whether the aid is something for you and whether it fits your situation, we use a non-binding demonstration at your location. During a demonstration, one of our advisors will come to you so we can show you our range of products and you can experience a aid in peace. We can schedule a demonstration for the following product categories:

  • Dynamic arm support, possibly in combination with an meal support
  • Meal support
  • Environmental Controls
  • Communication
  • Personal Robotics: Robot Manipulator
  • Head Support

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Book a demonstration

How does a demonstration work?

Prior to a demonstration, our planning department has already been in contact to collect all your data and to have an indication of the category of aids which our advisor should bring to you.


Our advisor will introduce himself and will make an inventory of your situation and what your wishes are. Here we briefly discuss your health, what is difficult in daily life and which activities would require support. Based on this, the advisor will make a choice with which aid to start. If you have already viewed our product range yourself, you can mention which one you would like to try first.

The first aid is tested.

The advisor will place a demo model of our aid so you can try it out. With an arm support, for example, we place a demo model next to the (wheel) chair so that you can put your arm in it.


You can then feel and experience how the aid feels and works for you. If the first aid does not match your situation or wishes, we will try another aid.


After you have tried one or more aids, we will discuss with you and possibly your occupational therapist and close family whether you would like to use the aid. If it is decided to do so, an application must be made to be reimbursed for the medical aid. The advisor (together with the occupational therapist) collects all data necessary to submit your request. We process any dimensions and adjustments in a report.