Eating & drinking

I want to eat without stressdrink whenever I wanteat without spillingeat/drink without getting tired

Who is it for?

Worry-free enjoyment of drinking and eating moments

There is nothing like being able to eat without a care in the world and not having to regard this activity as a necessity.
Eating and drinking are important to everyone, but can sometimes be hindered by reduced arm or hand function, tremors, spasticity or paralysis. Our aid devices are for anyone who wants to eat and drink independently without stress or fatigue. With a little extra help, you can regain a sense of self-sufficiency and independence and enjoy eating and drinking again.

Aid devices

Which aid devices are suitable?

When eating doesn’t happen by itself, there are various devices that can help you. Our aids are very varied; perhaps you only need a bit of support to better guide your arm. Or does the entire activity need to be taken over? Then eating robot Obi will help you.

We make a distinction between a specific eating aid or an aid that can help with eating but also supports other activities. Depending on your wishes, together we can look at which aid can make the best contribution to your eating and/or drinking.

Aid devices for eating and drinking

Dynamic arm supportSling+ Counterbalanced from above+ Easy horizontal movement+ Soft & flexible arm material
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Dynamic arm supportGowing²+ Counterbalanced from above+ Independently adjustable during the day+ Arm position is fixable
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Dynamic arm supportDowing²+ Counterbalanced from above+ Elegant design+ Easy to use
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Dynamic arm supportBalancer+ Counterbalanced from above+ Soft & flexible arm material+ Foldable
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Personal roboticsJaco+ Easy to use+ Experience-based care+ Multiple target groups
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Dynamic arm supportTop Help+ Counterbalanced from below+ Electric lift function+ Resistance-free in the horizontal plane
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Experience our products

Would you like to receive advice about your personal situation? We would be happy to visit you to introduce you to our aids. During the demonstration you can try out our aids yourself and we will map out your wishes together. Ultimately, we decide together which product or customized solution suits you best.

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