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I want to be able to turn on my lampswarm my hands to use my wheelchair controlsable to take my respiration with me on my wheelchairopen the door remotely

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Increase your comfort and self-sufficiency

By having all kinds of things close to hand, you experience more freedom and can take control of your own environment. A person’s living environment can vary greatly. Depending on your wishes, but also on the type of home, wheelchair or your daily activities, aid devices can make a contribution.

Aid devices

Let one of our aid devices help

With our aids, we not only try to increase your comfort but also your independence as much as possible. Together with you, we look at which devices can contribute to more independence. Think for example of ambient controls and adapted wheelchair controls on your wheelchair. A hand warmer can also optimise the living environment and comfort. However, some things are subject to conditions, such as the use of assisted respiration.
We can ensure that all the separate aids on your wheelchair work together and are fully integrated into the wheelchair. This makes the operation simple and clear.

Aid devices for a living environment


Breathing extra oxygen gives you greater freedom.

Environment controllers

More independence with the environment controller.

Wheelchair accessory

Increase your comfort and self-sufficiency.

Wheelchair control

Controlling your wheelchair more easily bedienen, experience thee possibilities.

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Would you like to receive advice about your personal situation? We would be happy to visit you to introduce you to our aids. During the demonstration you can try out our aids yourself and we will map out your wishes together. Ultimately, we decide together which product or customized solution suits you best.

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