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When you are wheelchair bound, you want your wheelchair to be both functional and comfortable. You want to retain your freedom and get support where you need it. Several factors play a role in sitting and moving around, and these are different for everyone. By making the right combination of adjustments to your wheelchair, you can achieve a good sitting posture and retain your freedom.

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A comfortable sitting position in your wheelchair is essential. A head support, like the Papillon, can support your head, which contributes to a good posture. You don’t just sit still in your wheelchair all day. An electric head support that can change position has an added value then.
You can also opt for an adapted or alternative wheelchair control to save energy and increase your comfort in the wheelchair. Finally, a wheelchair accessory such as a hand warmer ensures warm muscles so that operating the wheelchair is possible at all times.

Aid devices for sitting & moving

Head supportChest restraint+ Complete support for head and torso+ Solid and comfortable+ Adjusted to individual needs
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Head supportHead support+ Adjusted to individual needs+ Independently adjustable during the day+ Various directions of movement
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