Dynamic Arm Support Dowing²

Product features

+ Counterbalanced from above
+ Elegant design
+ Easy to use
+ Suitable for a triple chair
+ Table mounting also possible


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Natural freedom of movement through smart simplicity

The Dowing² is designed to support your arm during activities that are important to you. Do you want to be able to work independently? Would you like to paint? Or stroke your own pet? The Dowing² provides a wide range of motion and natural freedom of movement during everyday activities. Due to the light and compact design, the Dowing² can be easily mounted on a table or triple chair and is ideal as an extension to your workstation or hobby room. The parking position allows you to move your arm in and out of the armrest independently.
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Who is it for?

Win the battle against gravity

Do you want support in performing essential daily activities (ADL), such as eating, drinking, facial care and computer use? Then the Dowing² will help you by providing support for reduced muscle strength or uncoordinated movements of your arm. The Dowing² absorbs the weight of your arm and compensates the force of gravity. This relieves the strain on your shoulder. This gravity compensation is easily adjustable from 0 to 100%. The Dowing² is also very suitable as a therapy aid, so that you can do your exercises independently, both inside and outside the rehabilitation centre.


Light and elegant design

Gravity compensation is achieved through an adjustable spring mechanism. This adds just enough force so that you can easily move your arm vertically. Due to the application of minimal friction in the device and the very light materials, horizontal movement is also facilitated. This, together with the unique design of “rotating arms,” ensures great freedom of movement. For safety, the support arm of the Dowing² is equipped with a cushioning mechanism. The Dowing² can be used for one arm, but can also be used for both arms.

Daily activity

Anywhere, anytime

The Dowing² is a fully mechanical arm support. This means no unnecessary interference from batteries and electrical cables, so it’s easy to take with you. As a result, the Dowing² can be used in a wide variety of environments, such as at home, at work or in a care setting. The Dowing² can be attached to a table, triple chair or mobile frame. The design makes reaching for your mouth and face quick and easy. This means that you can eat and drink independently or take care of your personal hygiene with much less effort.


A configuration suitable for everyone

The Dowing² comes standard with an armrest and elbow support. It can optionally be extended with a wrist support and restrainer strap. These accessories are available in multiple sizes to suit your personal situation. Standard mounting brackets are available for several triple chair brands, otherwise we can easily make custom-made mounting brackets. During a consultation, we can look together at your specific needs and wishes, and we’ll configure the Dowing² on that basis.

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