Dynamic Arm Support Gowing²

Product features

+ Counterbalanced from above
+ Independently adjustable during the day
+ Arm position is fixable
+ Good match with electric wheelchairs & triple chairs
+ Simple & light to operate


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Support in your own hands

Do I need support for my movements or would I rather have my arm lifted? Do I want to move freely or do I need stability? The Gowing offers dynamic, user-controlled force compensation that is easy to adjust throughout the day.
Using the Gowing ensures that you can continue to use your own capabilities to the full and make your own choices. The Gowing can be mounted on a triple chair, electric wheelchair (with stand-up function if required) or on a separately supplied stand. The Gowing restores natural freedom of movement.
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Who is it for?

Would like natural support for your arm

Do you need to compensate for the muscular strength in your arm? Would you like to adjust the amount of support throughout the day? Then the Gowing may be the right arm support for you. In the case of excessive muscle function or tremors, the Gowing can also be a support for you in your daily activities. The Gowing does not require the user to secure their arm and thus allows them to independently place their arm in or remove it from the Gowing.


A unique hybrid system

The Gowing is based on compensating the weight of your arm. This is called ‘counterbalancing the arm.’ The large horizontal movements of your arm therefore require hardly any strength. The vertical movements of your arm are supported by a balancing system that uses stored power in a spring mechanism. Parallel to this technology, an adjustable forearm piece is used. This makes it possible to fix your forearm at various points. The Gowing itself doesn’t move below a certain point, but you can still raise your forearm independently. This functionality is very effective when eating or operating a keyboard, and for lifting the arm to grab something at a height that may not have been possible before.


With one push on one of the nine buttons

In principle, the Gowing is operated by means of a control panel with 9 very easy-to-operate buttons. The control panel will be mounted at the location of your choice. LED lighting and acoustic signals will provide feedback on the chosen function. If this control panel isn’t ideal for you, the control functions can also be implemented by separate switches. Some examples of functions that can be set via the control panel are: fixation of the arm position, degree of power compensation and adjustment of the angle.

Daily activity

Ideal for precision work

The Gowing provides support for a wide range of everyday activities, such as eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, using a keyboard or scratching your nose. The intelligent design of the Gowing perfectly follows the horizontal movements of your arm. The hybrid system also ensures that the Gowing provides stable support for precision activities. If you don’t want to use the Gowing for a while, it’s easy to remove part or all of it. The Gowing can be used on one or both sides.


A wealth of possibilities

The Gowing comes with an armrest and elbow support as standard. It can optionally be extended with a wrist support and restrainer strap. These accessories are available in multiple sizes to suit your personal situation. During a consultation, we can look together at your specific needs and wishes, and we’ll configure the Gowing on that basis.

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CushioningThe 2nd Generation Gowing is equipped with an integrated cushioning system. This provides an additional safety mechanism in the event that the forearm is removed from the arm support and is not fixed in place.

User functions

Positive restraintThe axes of the Gowing can be fixed in any direction to prevent the arm from moving. This is useful, for example, during a wheelchair ride or when being transported.

Tilt correctionGowing offers the possibility to actively correct the tilt angle in order to increase the reach in certain directions.

Stop functionAnother recent innovation is the stop function that unlocks all axes, minimises support and lowers the tilting mechanism. This function is useful if you suddenly find yourself unable to lower your arm on your own.