Personal robot Jaco

Product features

+ Easy to use
+ Experience-based care
+ Multiple target groups
+ Soft
+ Friendly

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Increase your reach

Your personal assistant, always close by, a helping hand in everyday life. Together with Jaco you can independently operate appliances in and around the house, grab things or move them, and all this with a robot that is stylishly and compactly mounted on your wheelchair.
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Who is it for?

Jaco: at your service

Jaco is a robot manipulator intended for those who have little or no arm or hand function and for whom an arm support doesn’t offer a solution. Controlling Jaco can be done with small movements with, for example, your hand, fingers, chin or foot. Because Jaco is a complex and advanced device, there can’t be any question of severely impaired cognition or vision.


A helping hand

The primary function of Jaco is to offer hand functionality when this is no longer present. Jaco takes over your arm and hand functionality completely and can do for you the things you want to do at any time.

Daily activity

Expert at grabbing, holding and moving

The activities that Jaco can help with are highly diverse and actually infinite. Jaco is an expert at grabbing, holding and moving objects. For example, it can help with various tasks in the kitchen, such as stirring a pan or making coffee. Jaco can also open cupboards, turn on the TV or, for example, hold your drink and bring it to your mouth in the special drinking mode.


Compact, when needed

To make it easier to eat, Jaco can be equipped with special cutlery. This cutlery fits exactly in the hand of Jaco. This makes it easy to use a fork to finish everything on your plate. Apart from the fact that Jaco can help with many things, it can also be folded away compactly and inconspicuously on the wheelchair, for those times that you’re not using it, or you want to drive without Jaco sticking out. Jaco is lightweight and hardly adds any width to a wheelchair.

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