Eating aid Nelson

Product features

+ Independently operable
+ Tremor reducing
+ Fork and spoon can be used
+ Adjustable resistance
+ Can be used with a plate or bowl

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Improve your independence when eating

The Nelson is an eating aid that helps you to eat independently if you have coordination problems or tremors, for example. The Nelson allows you to participate in different mealtimes, under your own steam and at your own pace. To increase your mobility and independence, the Nelson is easy to adjust and relatively compact so that it can be used in different environments. A dishwasher-safe plate and cutlery are supplied with the Nelson.
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Who is it for?

Eating with less hindrance from tremors

Would you like to be able to eat with less hindrance from tremors? Then, the Nelson is for you. It is an aid that is used to increase independence when eating. Tremors and coordination problems can occur, for example, in MS and Parkinson’s disease. The Nelson eating aid gives you more peace of mind while eating.


A tremor-reducing eating aid

The Nelson is equipped with a tremor-reducing system that smooths out jerky hand and arm movements and transforms them into smooth, guided movements. As a result, you can use the fork or spoon to bring food to your mouth yourself. Tremors and uncoordinated movements are very dependent on individuals and situations. Therefore, the Nelson offers the possibility to adjust the degree of resistance and dampening. Eating is done by placing your own hand on the handle and scooping up food. This can be done with your left or right hand.

Daily activity

Suitable for all mealtimes throughout the day

The Nelson can be used for all mealtimes throughout the day and gives you back the ability to enjoy meals independently with a fork or spoon. Partners or other family members can also benefit from the Nelson. By being able to eat independently again, your table companions become equal partners around the dinner table. The Nelson can be attached to any table with clamps and its small size means that you can take it anywhere.


The possibilities of the Nelson

The Nelson can be delivered with various dishwasher-safe accessories. Two types of plates and a soup bowl are available. The plates and soup bowl are clamped onto the Nelson, but remain rotatable. Furthermore, they have an upright edge against which you can scoop the food. The difference between the two plates is the design of the outer edge that is used to turn the plate. During a consultation, we can look together at which version suits you best. Besides the plates, a fork and a spoon are supplied as standard.

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