Obi eating robot

Product features

+ Small & compact
+ Simple to use
+ Modern design
+ Two-button operation
+ Easy to take with you

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Eating fully independently with Obi eating robot

Meet the Obi: the most recent eating robot which allows you to eat completely independently and everywhere. The built-in battery means you can choose where to eat, you’re not dependent on one location. Obi is also friendly, intelligent and stylish. Its simple operation makes the eating device very intuitive and the functional operation can be learned quickly. Its design is both elegant and modern.
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Who is it for?

Enjoy your daily mealtimes

Obi is intended for those who find it difficult to eat independently. A limited hand and/or arm functionality can hinder eating. Without an aid, it’s not possible to take food from a plate and bring it to the mouth. Fatigue, paralysis or spasticity can also make eating a challenge. Using Obi, eating is no longer a challenge, you can once again enjoy those daily mealtimes.


You decide, Obi does the rest

Two buttons let you decide when Obi’s spoon moves towards your mouth. Obi takes over the entire movement that is involved in eating. Despite the fact that Obi takes over the entire movement, you still have complete control over the order and pace at which you want to eat your meal.

Daily activities

Eating becomes a social activity again

Eating a meal is more than a basic necessity of life. Eating together is also a social activity. Discussing the day or having a chat while eating can be done easily and without stress or fatigue with Obi. You only need help with preparing the food and setting up Obi. After that, you are in control. Small snacks, at home or somewhere else and eating out are no longer challenges.


We adapt Obi to your particular situation

Obi comes with one deep spoon, one shallow spoon, a plate and placemat as standard. Depending on the type of food and what you like, you can choose which spoon is best to use. All accessories are dishwasher-safe and the plate can also be put in the microwave for a short time. Obi can be operated with your hand, foot, elbow, knee or with your head. Together, we can look at how best to use Obi based on your capabilities.

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