Head support Papillon

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+ Stabilisation with optimum freedom
+ Comfortable
+ Minimalist
+ Hygienic
+ Adjusted to individual needs

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Improve your capabilities with a stable head position

Introduction: When the support of the head doesn’t come naturally, it consumes a lot of energy and you get tired quickly. The Papillon head support helps to stabilise and rest the head. A whole day of intensive exercise is then no longer necessary. Just imagine your vision improving, being able to swallow better or being able to talk more easily! Based on your wishes, we will try to ensure that your current limitations are reduced step by step.
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Who is it for?

Can you use that extra (head) support to focus on what you can do?

Perhaps you suffer from reduced muscle strength in your head or neck, a coordination disorder or an involuntary fixed position? A good head support ensures a stable head position and lets you experience the possibilities of what is possible. What would you like to be able to do (again)? Together we can look at what you’d like to achieve and adjust the possibilities of the Papillon to it.


Papillon provides stability and allows your head to rest

The Papillon head support helps to stabilise and rest the head. Moreover, the stabilising effect ensures that the negative development of an involuntary fixed head position is delayed.

Daily activity

Prevent muscle fatigue and overloading and focus on new possibilities

We notice that people who use the Papillon are less tired. The head support keeps the head upright, without it requiring a lot of effort. The head is kept calm and still, which makes you less likely to suffer from muscle fatigue and overloading. This allows you to distribute your energy better throughout the day and focus on other activities that are (again) possible! Better vision, better swallowing, easier talking and better movement of the head and torso are the positive effects of using the Papillon. Driving a car is also more comfortable, because there is less tension in the neck.


A tailor-made solution is always possible

To even better meet your personal needs, the basic Papillon model can be extended with several features. Support pillows can be added to provide side support, to correct for sideways bending of the head. To support the forward movement, a forehead strap can be added. This is soft and elastic so that you are not fixed too tightly, which is more pleasant when you are looking around, for example. Switches can also be added to enable control via the head. Irrespective of its set-up, a Papillon offers optimal freedom around the ears, so that any earrings or hearing aids remain free.

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