Robot seal Paro

Product features

+ Easy to use
+ Experience-based care
+ Multiple target groups
+ Soft
+ Friendly

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Seal Paro cheers you up and creates special moments

A tickle under his chin and he closes his eyes, cuddle him and he reacts happily. Talk to him and he responds to your voice. Paro cheers people up, stimulates communication and has a calming effect. You would almost forget that Paro is “just” a social robot in the shape of a white, young seal. Paro the seal is a social robot that stimulates interaction and communication. The white fur, the big eyes and his lifelike behaviour create special moments when using him.
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Who is it for?

For anyone who could use a smile on their face

Paro has a varied target group, including elderly people with dementia, people with a disorder in the autistic spectrum, people with multiple disabilities and children living with pain. The robotic seal Paro can, however, be used by anyone who lacks social interaction or is prone to loneliness. Paro can be used individually, in pairs or in groups, depending on what you want to achieve with Paro.


Because everyone deserves social attention

A warm, secure feeling, a feeling of attentiveness in the form of a soft white friend. Paro the seal is designed to reduce loneliness. By improving the interaction between the resident and caregiver or the resident and their environment, it leads to increased alertness or simply relaxation. Paro is derived from animal therapy and fits perfectly within experiential care or ‘snoezel’ activities (controlled multi-sensory stimulation).

Daily activities

Robotic seal Paro is always ready for you, wherever you are

Because Paro is so easy to use, it can be used at any time of the day. Within daily practice, Paro offers a nice change during the day, but he also offers a therapy or ‘snoezel’ moment. Paro offers calmness and relaxation, which makes it ideal to use in ‘snoezel’ rooms with people who are very restless. On the other hand, Paro can stimulate alertness and interaction. His endearing look and sounds attract attention and make introverted people focus more on incoming stimuli from the environment or people around them.


The possibilities with seal Paro

Each person has a different reaction to Paro. You’ll have to investigate how each individual prefers to interact with Paro. Paro is at its best when integrated within a care plan and properly implemented within the location. Paro comes with a charger cleverly disguised as a dummy, a storage box and documentation material. All accessories are self explanatory and are very easy to use.

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