Communication aids

Make communication with your surroundings possible (again)

Who is it for?

Communicating as you want to and can

Talking to each other seems so obvious, but it isn’t. It’s great if you can talk to your partner, family and friends whenever you want. Is this not possible for you (any more)? Communication support can provide the solution and is used by young and old with a range of different disorders. Examples include people who have difficulty speaking due to a stroke, ALS or Parkinson’s disease. A communication aid enables you to communicate again with the people around you.

What is a communication aid?

A communication aid makes it possible to connect again

Talking to each other is one of the most important social activities. But what happens when you can’t speak (anymore)? When you can’t speak, you feel as if you don’t belong (anymore). You want to make it clear what you want or you want to talk about something. With the help of a communication aid, you can communicate quickly and effectively. A communication aid is completely personalised to your needs. We can look together at what the best solution is for you to be able to connect again with those around you.

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Would you like to receive advice about your personal situation? We would be happy to visit you to introduce you to our aids. During the demonstration you can try out our aids yourself and we will map out your wishes together. Ultimately, we decide together which product or customized solution suits you best.

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