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Who is it for?

Everyday activities become possible again with an arm support

The movement of your arms determines a great deal of your freedom. And freedom is something that is very valuable to us. For some people it is difficult to move or lift their arms due to a lack of muscular strength. This can be the result of, for example, a muscular disease, a neurological disorder, rheumatism or a spinal cord injury. With a dynamic arm support, you can move your arms better and everyday activities become possible (again).

What is an arm support?

Reaching, grabbing and lifting without fatigue and overstraining

An arm support is an aid that is often attached to a working- or wheelchair so that your arm is supported during various movements. It is the combination between your own arm and the arm support that allows you to move freely. The degree of support depends entirely on your situation. Each arm support is adjusted to your specific needs. Arm supports allow you to reach, grab and lift without fatigue or strain on the arm, shoulder and neck muscles. An arm support also provides rest to the arm which can reduce tremors.

Overview of dynamic arm supports


+ Counterbalanced from above+ Easy horizontal movement+ Soft & flexible arm material
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+ Counterbalanced from above+ Independently adjustable during the day+ Arm position is fixable
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+ Counterbalanced from above+ Soft & flexible arm material+ Foldable
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Top Help

+ Counterbalanced from below+ Electric lift function+ Resistance-free in the horizontal plane
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