Head support

More freedom of movement and an optimal head position

Who is it for?

Support your head or neck and experience peace of mind and all your possibilities

Correct head and neck stability with the help of a headrest ensures an optimal head position. The modular headrests provide just that little extra support you need to optimise your head balance. Free movement becomes possible again, even if you have a restless head position or an involuntary fixed position. For young and old, together we’ll ensure that the head support is tailored to your personal needs. Experience the peace and the possibilities that an optimal head position brings.

What is a head support?

Move more freely and achieve more (sitting) stability with a head support

An extra support for your head, mounted on a wheelchair, allowing you to move more freely. Head supports come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Together, we will search for the best solution(s) for your situation. For example, a mechanical head support can be installed allow the head to rest, or even to stabilise it. Or perhaps you prefer alternating head positions throughout the day, during different activities? Then an electrically adjustable head support is the solution. Because the head support is always mounted on a wheelchair, we not only improve the position of your head or neck, but also your entire sitting position.

Overview of head supports

Head support

+ Adjusted to individual needs+ Independently adjustable during the day+ Various directions of movement
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