Personal robotics

Better performance of daily activities

Who is it for?

Experience the possibilities of your hand function with personal robotics

When an arm support cannot help because your hand function is too limited to grasp and hold, personal robotics comes into play. Personal robotics is often controlled with a small joystick. It can be done with the hands, chin or even feet.

What is personal robotics?

Taking control of your life with a personal robot

Personal robots or service robots are designed for use in all kinds of situations in daily life. They help you with various tasks that are important to you, such as pouring a drink, opening a cupboard, picking something up or adjusting your glasses. A personal robot is your assistant that you control and that you take with you everywhere you go. A personal robot is integrated in the wheelchair so that it can be used anywhere and at any time.

Overview Personal robotics


+ Easy to use+ Experience-based care+ Multiple target groups
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