Breathing extra oxygen gives you greater freedom

Who is it for?

Breathe where you want, without restrictions

Are you unable to breathe on your own or does breathing become difficult during certain activities? Respiratory support helps you with extra oxygen so you can experience the feeling of freedom again. The respiratory device is placed on your wheelchair, giving you greater freedom of movement.

What is respiration

Respiratory support for optimal comfort in the wheelchair

Respiratory support on a wheelchair is more than just a hose to your mouth. It is a total system with various components, such as the breathing unit, suction equipment and the connection to your wheelchair. We are qualified (ISO and MDR) to mount the equipment safely and efficiently onto your wheelchair and we do that with sturdy materials. We keep in touch with respiration centres in case there are special requirements. For you, comfort should be as great as possible.

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Would you like to receive advice about your personal situation? We would be happy to visit you to introduce you to our aids. During the demonstration you can try out our aids yourself and we will map out your wishes together. Ultimately, we decide together which product or customized solution suits you best.

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