Social robotics

That extra bit of attention raises a person’s spirits

Who is it for?

Social robots put a smile on your face

Social contact is essential for feeling good and loved. This applies to everyone. Unfortunately, due to the increasing work pressure in the care sector, there is not always enough time for this. However, everyone needs contact. This can be both physical and social contact. Social robotics is intended to give elderly people with dementia, people with intellectual difficulties or children with a disorder the attention they deserve.

What is a social robot?

Together providing the best care

A social robot is physically present and carries out social tasks, such as asking questions or having a conversation. A social robot also offers physical contact by holding your hand or giving you a hug. That makes a person feel good, right? Social robots come in different shapes, sizes and fabrics (hard or soft). They often have predictable reactions, which makes them accessible and easy to communicate with. The robot supports the informal carer or caregiver so that together they can provide the best possible care.

Overview of social robots

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