Wheelchair controls

Controlling your wheelchair more easily, experience the possibilities

Who is it for?

Is the standard wheelchair control not sufficient? More is possible

A standard wheelchair control can sometimes be difficult to operate because it is too heavy, too large or has too few options because you want to control more than just your wheelchair. If a standard wheelchair control is not suitable for your situation, we will look together for a better alternative that does meet your wishes and capabilities.

What are wheelchair controls?

Wheelchair controls are customised to make them work for you

Often you want to do more than just control your wheelchair; you may also want to control your environment, communication aid or robot. A wheelchair control that has been customised for you makes operating your wheelchair easier and more logical. We programme the control so that all the systems work together in one system. We also look at the type of steering, for example whether it should be heavy to operate or light to operate and how large the movements should be when operating it. Wheelchair controls can be operated with your hand, head, chin, foot or elbow.

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Would you like to receive advice about your personal situation? We would be happy to visit you to introduce you to our aids. During the demonstration you can try out our aids yourself and we will map out your wishes together. Ultimately, we decide together which product or customized solution suits you best.

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