Dynamic Arm Support Sling

Product features

+ Counterbalanced from above
+ Easy horizontal movement
+ Soft & flexible arm material
+ Easily removed from chair
+ Great freedom of movement


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Experience the freedom of movement of your arms

The Sling is a dynamic arm support that engages with your arm from above. The great advantage of this is that there is no mechanism under your arm, allowing freedom of movement above a table or work surface. A unique feature of the Sling is that the arm movement reaching forwards is guided very smoothly. The Sling is a durable product that is also easy to fold up and remove. There is also a version specifically for children.
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Who is it for?

The Sling allows more movement of the forearm

The Sling is an aid which can be used if you need support for your shoulder and arm muscles so that you can move your forearm more easily. You need very little muscle strength to use the sling, but you do need some form of hand function. The aid can also be used for both arms simultaneously. It can be mounted on one’s own wheelchair or triple chair, but can also be supplied on a base frame so that you can decide for yourself where in the house you want to use it.


The Sling lets your forearm float, experience the freedom

The Sling consists of a construction that is connected to your arm from above by means of a cord. This creates a situation where your forearm is suspended, so that you do not come into conflict with, for example, your keyboard. The Sling uses weight compensation by means of counterweights. The degree of gravity compensation can be changed by decreasing or adding weights. The Sling supports your arm movements in the vertical plane, so moving in the horizontal plane requires less energy. The Sling does not require electrical assistance.

Daily activities

Everyday activities become possible again

The Sling will give you more independence by allowing you to use your arms and, therefore, also your hands. It enables you to eat and drink independently, to pick up or operate things yourself and to reach your face again, for example to adjust your glasses or to deal with an itchy nose. If you don’t want to use the Sling for a while, you can simply get someone to fold it up or take it down.


Tailor the accessories to your needs

The arm support is made up of different shapes and sizes of bandages that provide support to the elbow and/or wrist. These bandages are made from medically approved neoprene, which provides soft and comfortable support.
Do you think you’ll want to take the Sling off your chair quite often? Then it’s possible to get a storage stand. You can also extend the height or reach of the Sling. During a consultation, we can look together at your specific needs and wishes, and we’ll configure the Sling accordingly.

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