Dynamic Arm Support Top Help

Product features

+ Counterbalanced from below
+ Electric lift function
+ Resistance-free in the horizontal plane
+ Arm position is fixable
+ Compact


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In complete control

The Top/Help is a dynamic support consisting of two parts, the “Top” and the “Help”. The Top contributes to your horizontal arm movement and the Help ensures that you can move your arm up and down independently. The Top/Help helps you to perform tasks for which you need support. Eating, drinking, personal care, computer use, household chores and many other activities become easier again. Using Top/Help means that you never have to say ‘thank you’ again. You are the one who decides!
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Who is it for?

The number one solution for Duchenne

Would you like to compensate for the muscle weakness in your arm so that you can continue to use the hand function to its full potential? Then the Top/Help might be the ideal solution. This arm support has very little inertia effect. It is therefore an excellent aid if you want to facilitate the forward movement of your arm. In order to use it, however, it is necessary to have some function in the shoulder girdle and upper arm. The Top/Help is often used in Duchenne cases and other muscular diseases and for disorders of a neurological nature.


Result-oriented active support

The Top/Help supports the arm from below. The Top makes it possible for movements from the shoulder to be converted into horizontal movements of the forearm and hand. The Top also offers the possibility of independently locking your arm in any desired position. In addition, the Help allows you to move your arm up and down. These functions in combination with a hinge mechanism ensure that you can easily move your arm towards your face. The Top/Help can be used on one or two sides.

Daily activities

Using your strength to the fullest extent

By being able to use your own residual capacities again, you can independently take your hand to where it’s needed. Reaching, gripping, moving and doing all sorts of daily activities with your hand are now possible again. The Top/Help can be used in all kinds of environments, such as at home, at school or in a work environment. The Top can smoothly suspend your hand above a keyboard and the Help gives you the support to reach high and far. The Top/Help is often combined with an electric wheelchair, but is also available in other versions.


Custom-made as standard

The Top is equipped with a custom-made arm cradle that can be covered with neoprene for extra comfort. There is also the option of adding an elbow support for extra support. The operation of the locking mechanism and the high/low movement of the Help can be done via different types of buttons or a very easily operated hand control. Besides the complete product, it is also possible to use only the Top, which can also be mounted as a separate module on a wheelchair. Under the guidance of our advisers, the Top/Help will be completely adjusted to your personal needs.

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